I joined LA fitness and took up personal training.At the time of siging and paying up i was taken for a good ride.They told me it would cost me $300 for 3 month,3 sessions per month,i was happy and pleased to know that.They are also told me there was a one time sign up fee of $149,when i came to know this i did not want to move ahead with this,so to convince me from taking this,they told me they will waive it off for me,made me sign a few papers in a hurry and made me pay up $300 upfront,later on in the next month i found my back account was debited another $150,when i inquired they denied that they had promised me $300 for the 3 months and i actually had to end up paying $600.

Their sweet talking made me feel they were doing their job very honestly and little did i know they were so *** greedy for money.They face was i am not that pissed that i had to pay $600 in the end but the fact was i was taken for a ride and had to deal with such dishonest people.

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