Oviedo, Florida

I called the club to cancel my membership. Unable to cancel it over the phone, they bribed me to "freeze" my account until I wanted to come back again.

The man said that my account would be frozen for up to a year and I would only have to pay $10/month and I could come back at any time without paying the sign-up fee. Two years later (bad on my part), I am still being billed $10 every month. I call the store and demanded that they cancel my account. I told them that they lied to me and stole over $120.

The manager at the time said that there has never been a maximum time to have a frozen account. SO WHY DID THE MAN TELL ME THAT WHEN I TRIED TO CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP THE FIRST TIME?? Frustrated that I still could not cancel my membership over the phone, I went on their web site to do it online (the only way). Except, its not an online cancellation form.

It's a printable document that I have to mail in separately. The level that this company goes to to steal and squeeze every last penny they can is ridiculous.

The worst part about the cancellation form is that there is no place for a signature and nothing personal needed. Everything that is on this form I could have easily given over the phone.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $280.

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