The attorney's get $1.4M. The two named class members get $5K each. The rest of the victims (ripped of members of LA fitness at large) get approximately $8.00. Once you buy into this sham LA Fitness gets a pass on all the actual damages they continue to cause members. All they have to do is fraudulently nick a members credit card one time and those taking the deal can never recoup.

While this settlement proposal moves through the court system LA Fitness's use of fraudulent and ethically challenged business practises, claimed in the class complaint, continues unabated. 99.9% or more of the ripped off LA Fitness members, taking this deal, are selling out their rights to hold LA Fitness accountable for the actual damages caused to them.

I sent, to the manager of the La Mesa club, a written request for assistance in resolving a misrepresentation made to my when I purchased two memberships. All I got was promises and the problem related to reserving a court to play Racquet Ball continued. I then sent another letter directing the manager of that club to terminate my membership. The trick is that all of these letters come back as undeliverable. However, if you FedEx the same letter, to the same address, they accept and sign for it. A side note here is that this intentional misuse of the us mail system to defraud members seems to be a crime in itself and I don't think it was ever mentioned in the complaints filed in behalf of the members? Anyway the club continues to allege that I have never canceled and they continue to charge my card. I have sent copies of my cancellations to the CC company and they reverse the charges. However, I have to follow up with a written dispute every 60 days to keep the bogus charge from going through. I have not stepped in the door of any LA Fitness club in over two years and they continue to attempt to bill my card. LA Fitness attorney's have misclassified me as an active member with the courts. By doing this they have excluded one of the worst examples of their abuses from the courts.

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You need to file with the better business bureau (BBB). They will take care of this quickly.

I filed and it was taken care of within 2 months. About 30 days to get back to me after online submission, and then about 30 days to resolve the issue. You can't work with the actual company. They are horrible.

Be careful of ALL the gyms.

24 hour fitness does the same thing. :(


yeah. they pulled this scam on my son when he tried to cancel his membership.

the only thing you can do is cancel your credit card and sign up with a different cc company. a huge pain in the ***. then never give la fitness another dime. get your friends and family to quit and join a local gym, and tell everyone you know to never join.

ive personally taken 33 memberships out of la fitness and kept a couple hundred people from joining just by telling the story of their *** customer service. vote with your dollars.


Right! just mail the darn cancellation form.


For mail to be undeliverable some must not receive mail, if you follow the directions on your contract to cancel your membership and send your request certified, you won't be billed anymore. Certified is your piece of mind that the post office delivered your mail to the correct place and within the time frame a company needs it to stop your billing. What happened to reading what you sign these days?

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