I am a member at LA Fitness on Navajo rd in SD,for some reason, they have decided to play rape, disgusting, terrible music around 4-5PM, it is disgusting rude and I am embarrassed to listen to the words..I am very upset and will move my membership elsewhere if nothing is done soon THere are several of us during that time who are in their mid years and would appreciate the regular nice smooth music to workout to...I do not understand why the change in the music? And SDSU has ended its session this time of year so the young people are few and far between. IT is the faithful, few who are the ones to keep that place going !!

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To the above person who suggested getting an iPod, please see my post "LA Deafness."


*** smooth jazz listening *** ***


Whats Rape music?


Some @$$FACE put Aqua's 'Barbie Girl' on the iPod at my gym. I was told it was one of the trainers. THAT SUX!


...rape? They play rape?

So they play sounds of people getting raped?

That sounds awful.

If you mean RAP then... get an ipod and quit complaining.

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