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I made the worse mistake ever, I decided to sign up with these people for a personal trainer for a year.

Suppose to star January 2016.I just took 4 sessions.

The reason is: They are so disorganized, I booked my first class for a Friday, that was Tuesday same week. And I got sick, I called to let my trainer know, But she never return my call to rescheduled even though that I called 3 times same day, Receptionist asked all same question (my name ,number,etc,etc) because she didn't have my info.

They never wrote any notes, Next day I had to show there to book for my next appointment with my trainer " How important AM I"??

When I showed up for my training the trainer was no where to be found. their response " Oh sorry Janet let put you with this person " after 30 ' of me waiting.

I said I can't I have to go to work.

The make up trainer was no even ready for me.


I am paying this place 300.00 monthly for me to wait on them???

Well. this nightmare occurred every time that I went to take my session. Or the trainer was not there, Or the trainer quit. Or my trainer lost my diary. Oh by the way I was there to loose weight.

They never to my measure. Because they can't find the measure


To make it worse. They lost my " trainer diary" they didn't even know if last session was legs or arms??


To make it even worse. This is the 4th session , They told me my trainer was this new guy " Very nice by the way" I took the 3th class with him and I said to myself I need to loose weight for my weeding I just gonna give it a try. Guess what I went to take my last class I the trainer was not there, He quit and me I was standing there looking at the "trainer manager" The guy knew what was going on, He was on the phone ,me standing there almost 9:29 and me not knowing what was going on. This "manager" Didn't has the gut to respected me enough to say please have a seat, I will explain was going on.

I was so upset that I left. To call the " Main Office in California"

They just care less " Forcing me to keep paying or give another "try"

This place is the worse of the worse.

I am paying 300.00 dollars since January 2016. Because I can't ruin my credit


Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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