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They have kept charging my credit card for more than 6 months even after I canceled. They offered me 8 free personal training lessons but never gave it.

They really suck. Somebody should file a class action suit. When I complained they ask me to come see them to cancel the membership. Then when I went to see them they said they can not cancel it and i have to write to the corporate headquarter.

I said when I signed up I did not write to corporate headquarter so why should I do it now. They just make it extremely difficult to cancel the membership.Also the personal trainers are not professional, from the 30 minutes they spend 10 minutes doing this and that or talking.

I have also heard racist remarks.

Review about: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Right on th efront page of the contract it tell syou the terms of canceling the membership... sorry but maybe all need to learn how to read.

Protect yourselves, I opened an acct that will be used only for my membership dues...

so let em try and draw money out of an acct that theres no money in if I ever cancel. But si far so good, really enjoy La Fitness in PA!!!


LA FITNESS is the worst clup ever..

They don't care about customer they took ur money evan if u cancel.. make sure u change ur credit card number when u cancel.

Please Advice everyone Don't EVER EVER Join LA Fitness they are bitchs and theives..


I just checked one LA fitness and I loved the facility but the when I talked to their sales representative.....something smelled fishy. He was rude when I asked him to be clear about the memberships and the contract. I guess I'll go back to the YMCA I never had problems with them.

Usaquen, Bogota, Colombia #32902

i got suckered into this and now i'll paying paying them more than $1000. i sent a complaint to BBB and cbsnews. i encourage to send their stories there too and maybe we can win over their misleading practices.

Marsciano, Umbria, Italy #19085

I'm so thankful I stumbled upon these consumer complaints as I was considering joining LA Fitness but now, I'm DEFINITELY NOT!!!

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