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LA Fitness didn't know who the *** they were messing with. I sent in the downloadable cancellation sheet and I sent it CERTIFIED mail.

So I KNOW WHEN IT was DELIEVERD. I checked my account and what do I see it says that it's still active. I almost put my head through a window. I proceed to call this number: 714-505-8958.

I proceed to talk to a woman named Brooke I told her not to tell me to go to my local gym because I did all the running through hoops and I also highlighted the fact I sent it CERTIFIED mail so pull your head out of your *** and get the picture you're NOT gonna SCREW me like you did so many others. She then proceeded to cancel my membership on the spot and sent me an email WHILE we were on the phone. I then told her thank you it shouldn't be this *** hard and I shouldn't have to cancel with corporate especially because I didn't sign up there.

These people are *** and call the number I gave you if you're having trouble. Don't let them get aaway with this ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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Thank you so much, I called the same phone number that gave in your complaint and those b-tards cancelled my membership finally and sent me an email receipt like they did for you. I tried sending certified mail form like they supposedly required but never obtained the return receipt.

But 714-505-8958 worked like a charm. thanks!