I joined the gym back in 2005 from out of town , well first of all the gut who signed me up gave me a discount thru a home depot employee? but the problem was I wasn't a home depot employee.

So I got my discount and then they signed me up for a fitness training which they said I could cancel within 30 days? I found out later after 10/days that that wasn't so.

I had met someone who use to work for L.A. Fintess and was told to call and ask for the president of the company which works ou tof the Perimeter mall gym and complain to the state attorney general of georgia when yo cal the gym .

here is the page below. I called and got all my money back.

they havent bugged me since... don't get mad get even find out your rights!!!

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Does Home Depot associate got a discount


I'm dealing with the same thing.. I'd like to call and write to the president so I can get refunded my 300 down and monthly payments.

Do you have the name or copy of the letter you wrote?

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #70132

can you supply the name of the president of LA Fitness

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