Portland, Oregon

I have been a member of LA Fitness for one year at the location listed below and here is my story. The LA Fitness center at 4140 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97266 (Eastport Plaza) is staffed by the worst people ever.

Ths is the worst managed fitness center starting with the manager Chris H. who has no people skills whatsoever. This guy is a real *** who treats his employees so badly it just turns your stomic. I know this first hand by seeing him fire an employee for no good reason (causing this person to leave in tears), how sad this was.

When I mentioned that I felt he was being a little heavy handed he then acted very rude to me as well. This clown Chris H. (the location manager) actually tried to treat me like he treated this poor employe that I objected to. The sad thing here is the terrible way he treats all people, not just his employees.

A month or so later I redeemed what was supposed to be a COMPLIMENTARY one hour fitness training session with a personal trainer name Ovi, that turned out to be ten mins long followed by 50 mins of a sales pitch of trying to get me to spend either $400, $500 or $600 to have this person be my personal trainer who was sent through the Chris H. school of high pressure salesmenship simlar to a used car salesman.

I politely declined stood up extended my hand with a kind handshake while thanking him for his time. I then turned and started to walk toward the door when I hear him wad up the paper I was asked to fill out, I turn back in time to see him wading up this paper as he glared at me in discust, that did it, I am done with LA Fitness and its rude employes that care only about the money they fleese from their clients.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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I agree, the quality of management is deplorable at this location. I was in the changing room when teenage girls were making movies of each other and taking pictures.

I am not confrontantional, so went to staff to complain. I was told that since no women were working, they could not do anything about it. I suggested that women should always be on staff for situations such as this. I was told that "They do not control who works when".

When I wrote a letter complaining, I received no response. Not unexpected.


Anonymous don't sweat it, he's just angry that he's swarthy, fat, bad skinned troll. I mean imagine being so low to act like that, pointing at people who trying to better themselves, and going te he, WHAT A PUTZ.

I mean keeping bar high with shallowness, which he maintains, where the *** does this guy come off? I mean Ovi I could understand if you were something to look, tall, handsome, ripped?

But dude really? Round pebble head with BAD skin, AND YOU'RE SO SHORT te he ;-)


I agree. i switched to 24 hour fitness and now i'm not apprehensive about going to workout now.

not wondering if i'm going to get a dirty look from Ovidio or completely ignored by ALL the staff like you literally don't exist. i swear to god going to that gym was like some bad episode of the twilight zone. the 2 clubs are like night an day.

the staff at 24 hour fitness are friendly and inviting. the people at the la fitness on 82nd ave in portland or are just HIDEOUS.


This is the story across the board. This corporation uses there employees as replacable garbace.

From highter managment on down. As a personal trainer that cares about people I can tell you it its *** to buy a personal training membership. You should always be able to buy packages. If you are supposer to get a free session, it should be a session.

Not a sales pitch. You should be shown Packages at the end. If you choose to buy one some other time to freshen up what you learned on the first free session, that should be your option. If you want to buy 5 sessions and use one a month to refresh, you should be allowed to do that.

These people care about money not people. LA Fitness pissed another customer off. Hope you find another gym that gives you a much better experience. If I lived near you, I would give you some free training just for your horrible experience there.

I use to work at this hole.

It sucks. :(