Morrow, Georgia

I have been a member of LA Fitness Morrow, Georgia for over five years, and as a loyal member. I am thoroughly disappointed and disgusted with the LA Fitness Center in Morrow, Georgia. Management and trainers should be FIRED for their LACK of professionalism and customer service which is absolutely ridiculous. I would like to draw your attention to several negative situations that have occurred over time.

First of all, the class schedule/instructors change every month which is totally UNACCEPTABLE. When you get good instructors, you do whatever it takes to keep them. On top of that you bring in a 350 lb person (Rakinah) to replace an instructor. What does that say to the class? She has no endurance and is a risk/threat to her own health and safety. That is not motivation to me.

Second, the women’s bathroom is always FILTHY and SMELLS. This is very hazardous and unsanitary.

Third, the aerobics room is disgusting and also filthy. The floor has never been cleaned since the gym has been in existence. The room smells.

This degradation of service is unfortunate because I greatly enjoy exercising at LA Fitness Morrow, Georgia. I would like to see some action taken to make the facility worth paying money to attend. I would like to see quality and fit instructors.

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I do agree that Anton and Antonio are two of the best instructors ever!!! Also, they did bring in a new Zumba instructor, Carlos...great class...more should be done to keep good, qualified instructors...we only have one step class (mornings)...need at very least two...


WOW! I was wondering where all the good fitness instructors were.

We need skilled instructions from great fitness or aerobics instructors. I cannot afford to hurt myself because ''ain't nobody got time for that!'' ANTON and ANTONIO are THE BEST! What ever you do, please keep them. Maybe your other instructors need to train in Antons class.

Just a brilliant thought.

OMG! LA FITNESS get it together!