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SO I just moved to Portland and have been greeted by moat business people cordially and respectfully.

I walked into the LA Fitness on SE 82nd and noticed the place almost empty.

I commented on the greeting and a man who identified himself as by first name only...(refused to give his last name)..... threw me out.

He had approached me briskly with no smile of warmth in his voice or demeanor.

He said have you been here before? in what to me was almost accusatory.

I said 'no' and commented that he sounded like a drive up window. They all say the same thing... He then appeared very angry...his face reddened and he said..'GET OUT OF MY CLUB." I said, "Are you the owner?" He said, "no". I'm the manager.

If you don't get out I will throw you out!

NO wonder it is empty!

I asked who he was and he refused to give me his last name.

I called what is listed as corporate in Irvine and they refused to give me any # to register a complaint.

The receptionist said all complaints are handled at the club level.

I am so grateful I did not take him up on his challenge to fight.

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Of course you have to pay for a gym membership you ***. What gives you the right to think you can take anything you want for free?

Grow up, get a job and pay up. Then maybe they will let you in.


Of course you have to pay for a gym. You pay for the gym at your apartment too by paying a higher rent.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #207167

I just called them and get this you have to PAY to use this club. The club at my old apartment building was free for residence.

He was angry because he thought I already knew this and was trying to sneak in his club. Why should I have to pay when the gym in my apartment was free to residence. I told him that I work out everyday and could kick his butt and to give me his first and last name and he chickened out. I am grateful I did not challeng his fight because then he would have been in the hopital with broken ribs.

He is a scam artist and just trying to get money from me. Who every heard of having to pay for the gym. These are for the community to use at their will.

When I asked him why he was not at the desk where you have to PAY for membership he said he was using the washroom *** this person thinks because he is bigger and stronger than me he can extort money from me. Not going to happen.

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