Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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i am the victim of money being taken out of my bank account for my son who was an adult with his own bank account who was a member of your establishment in 2009. barcode number f6427119 david muller, west mifflin, pa.

the amount of $119.98 was taken out of my account without my permission. i sent a letter with proof any nothing was done. I WANT REIMBURST THANK YOU. thinking of pursueing this further if i get no reply .

awaiting patiently.i hav e copies of transactions from my bank if you need them. please research this and email me back or simply refund my money to susan muller-pichura po box 25 glassport, pa 15045

Monetary Loss: $119.

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More than likely you are the victim of credit card fraud, and the information may have been obtained through yours son's account. LA Fitness typically engages in the egregious behavior of unauthorized charges on people's accounts. If they fail to comply, report them to your state's office of attorney general consumer division, and pursue a bank reversal.


I wouldn't be going after the gym, I'd be talking to your son. I don't think they randomly guessed your bank account and routing numbers, then charged you. Someone had to have given them that information.