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I recently changed my CC because of fraudulent activity and the next day my 16 year old daughter got 20 phone calls from LA Fitness while she was in class. Not only was this annoying but also harassment.

Since I was the account holder and had been so for the last 6 years. My daughter just signed up this month and now they are harassing a minor while in school?? So on Saturday she spoke to them when they called and gave them my phone number. I spoke to them right away since they called me as soon as they hung up and the girl on the phone was at first apologetic to what happened with my daughter and said it was only supposed to call 3 times.

Then when I started explaining to her that I don't trust this company to have my CC # on file I would rather pay online at the time it's due she started talking over me and started talking louder at me and interrupting me. I'm finished with them. I've been a member for over 6 years and this is what made me cancel my membership. I have another gym across the street from me that's $10 a month so we are saving $50 a month going there.

This is a welcome change.

Apparently they aren't bothered by losing 2 customers.

Not to mention the lack of sanitation on the equipment. I brought my own wipes every time I went, they never took the hint.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

La Fitness Cons: Harassing.

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first of all no one from the company can call the same number more than 3 times in a single day as the computer will stop you from doing so.


TOTAL Harassment! You can join on line but have to cancel in person.

Totally unethical!!!!!!! Do not give them your credit card!