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All in all, the LA Fitness in Lacey, WA is a well-kept, sanitary place that I enjoy going to. The machines all seem to work great and I regularly see members of the staff doing maintenance checks / cleaning. Almost all of the trainers and staff I have had contact with have all been super professional and nice. KidsKlub is amazing and my 8 month old loves going there to play. But, there have been some issues I have noticed.

This morning, two of the physical trainers were complaining behind the trainer desk as I was waiting there for my trainer. They could see me in front of their faces, but still decided to complain about appointments and clients. That is rather unprofessional. I don't think staff members should complain within ear shot of a customer, let alone right in front of the customer's face.

The other thing I have an issue with is the rescheduling aspect of the training appointments. My trainer has called me at least 4 times to reschedule because she had to do something during my regular time. I usually do MWF 9 AM for 30 minutes with my trainer. 3 out of 4 rescheduled appointments, I have been stood up by my trainer. I didn't ask to reschedule, my trainer did. So I would think that trainers would have enough professionalism to show up when they request the appointment time change. Twice, I sat at the trainer desk for at least 15-20 minuets before realizing my trainer wasn't going to show up, with no member of the staff ever coming to the desk to see who or what I was waiting for. They just walked right past me like I was an invisible person just waiting at the desk for 15-20 minutes for no reason at all.

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