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Good evening,

Please bear with me as I explain how I was ripped off by the training

manager of LA Fitness in Stamford, CT. Maurice offered to help me in my

fitness journey. Feeling frustrated with my weight, I decided to give

personal training a try. When I expressed hesitation in committing to

six months or a year of training, he so kindly offered to train me for

a month as a "trail." He suggested 10 sessions for $30 totaling $300

for the month, I just had to pay him directly. I literally watched him

put my cash in his wallet but figured I was getting a deal so I kept my

mouth shut. Lesson learned.

Maurice was terribly inconsistent, irresponsible, and forgetful. One

day, he literally had three people booked for the same time. And since

I wasn't in the system, he told me tough luck, I would have to forgo my

session. This happened three more times before I finally told him I was

done and wanted my money back. We had only completed 5 sessions -

should've been 8 but he cancelled on me three times. It's worth noting

that I never cancelled on him.

When I told him I was done, he beat around the bush for a while before

telling me to "Give him till Monday" to get the money back ($150). This

was on a Thursday (10/1). I texted him on Monday, the 5th, and he said

he needed a couple of days. So...he was saying he needed a few days to

go to the bank and withdraw MY MONEY from HIS ACCOUNT. I went into LA

Fitness that Thursday, asked for Maurice, and was told he was demoted

and was now working in Trumbull. I texted him reminding him about my

money and he never answered so I decided to chat with the new training


This manager was possibly even more incompetent than Maurice. He told

me Maurice was "his boy" and that he would talk to him. This has yet to

happen. He then went on to complain about how busy he's been since he

got to this new LA Fitness, told me about how someone hit is car the

weekend before? and tried to push another session on me. I've asked

twice about my money and have heard nothing.

I have not received my $150. I am SO DISAPPOINTED. I'm new to the area,

new to the gym, and this was my first experience with personal

training. I cannot believe how this was handled and am so disappointed

in the LA Fitness staff. How can such irresponsible and incompetent

people be serving as managers? This is incomprehensible to me. I would

appreciate a refund and I seriously believe the staff should be

evaluated. This is not how a business should run.

If you paid $150 for something and it was never delivered, you would

expect your money back, right? That's what I expect. And I will

continue to speak to and write to whomever I need to until this is

taken care of.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

La Fitness Cons: Staff taking advantage of me.

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