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I went to LA Fitness in La Habra (for a FAMILY workout), unaware that my membership only allowed access to the La Mirada gym. LH let me in but 10 minutes later they called me out which was embarassing.

The manager, JESSE RODRIGUEZ, began interrogating me in the most belittling tone, implying that I was guilty of breaching my contract and trespassing. My parents have a long-term membership (of almost 10 years) with all-access and asked if we could have a guestpass for the day for me but they absolutely denied them and charged a $15 guest pass (not telling me about the $5 interclub guest pass.) We stormed out, obviously, after having been yelled at and treated so horribly.

I went to my original La Mirada location and found that as soon as I left, JESSE already put up a note on the company database about what a felon I am warning other locations about me.

I have never felt so violated as a customer!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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You shouldn't be categorized as a felon. As a miscreant would be more appropriate.


These people apparently are not known for good customer service---that is just ridculous


Well if you steal someone elses membership, family or not, how do you expect them to treat you? Its the same as sneaking into a movie theater...


whats a good gym near la habra then?

i am looking for somthign month 2 month and 24 dollars with good AC, and lifting equipment.

please let me know thanks.


i've heard bad rumors about the la habra branch.. not surprised there