Miami, Florida

nov 21st 2008. I called LA Fitness to cancel however I was told that all cancellations are done at corp headQ.

I did not sign up at the corp. headQ. As an informed consumer, we know that this is a marketing ploy to delay the cancellation process by not allowing us to cancel via email (in this day and age) or by fax. For this reason I would hesitate recommending LA Fitness to anyone.

I recommended 4 people to LA Fitness. I know that they will delay the process in order to take another month's fee.

I have not been using my membership so it is not cost effective for me to keep paying in these difficult times.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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I "canceled" my membership 6 months and I had read all the reviews about how it's impossible. But I stopped getting billed and I thought I was one of the lucky ones.

Nopee. After I canceled my membership they found my sisters account and have been billing her for the past 6 months and she never noticed. To make it even better, the worker I spoke with said my account was closed, I can no longer use it, but they keep billing my sister double. They are absolutely unhelpful.

Never sign up with this company, it's for life. I have to wait until Monday to do something because no one will be in and the customer service is closed on weekends.


What a pathetic company this LA Fitness is. Is there no law in this United States any more to hold this cheating lying company Accountable.

No direct number to speak of cancellation they throw away cancellation form and keep billing you. What's next reporting you to Credit Agencies.


We are anonymous

We are legion

We do not forgive

We do not forget

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just went to la fitness clu to cancel my membership staff wags rude and not very helpful staff memberstatedshe was manager but first time i saw her plus staff is all different.she stated that they change policy and that you can now cancel membership at club. ask for confirmation or her name not given no otherperson to speak to.

just check membership status online still active. here wego merry go round .

bank will not stop auto payment says la corp has to stop. :( :cry no answer at corp phone busy all the time.maybe do something in club to make them cancel membership will work


LA fitness is BS.... I hate this company....DOn't ever sign up with them


LA fitness might be the worst gym i've ever been to. The location is Highland Park has a VERY unprofessional and unintelligent staff.


LA fitness might be the worst gym i've ever been to. The location is Highland Park has a VERY unprofessional and unintelligent staff.


I have been a happy L.A. Fitness customer for multiple years and I recently signed onto a project at one of my employers overseas offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I inquired about freezing my membership and the business manager was very honest, freezing for a month or two pays, a year really does not. She suggested that I cancel my membership and simply sign up again when I move back to the USA. The club that I go to is really well run and has had the same management for many years (I want to say since it opened in 2002).

She printed off the cancellation form and advised me to send it in certified mail with an return receipt request. She was honest, short of that, there is a chance it could get lost or overlooked or even possible be ignored (though she hoped not the case). Over her years with the company she said that those who sent it is certified mail seemed to never have an issue and those who did not (send it certified mail) sometimes seemed to have an issue. She added that by sending it in Certified Mail/Return Receipt I had ammo if anything went wrong and it allowed her to get it fixed easier.

I was nervous that this was going to be an ordeal just before I needed to leave and to my surprise I received the cancellation email today, a few days after sending in the cancellation form.

So, my advice, send in the cancellation form Certified Mail/Return Receipt.


I told LA Fitness to cancel my membership. They said I had to 'mail" some form then I'd get a confirmation email.

I mailed it in two weeks prior and theys till took my dues out. Now I ahve to go through the B.S> of getting a refund!


I canceled mine in person. The guys at the guym printed out a cancelation and asked me to mail it in to Corp. I did. Corp stated I went over the 30 day cancelation notice and had to pay another month, because they consider the notice date to to be the date they receive the notice from me, not the day I noticed the gym in person.

I also had to cancel the card i had membersip on because they kept withrawing from my account.

I had to pay with my new card, but if they even try to debit new card....I WILL go to the media to let everyone know how twisted LA Fitness is.







I wanted to cancel my membership last Monday so I went online to see what others had to say. Looked like there was resounding similarity in all of the *** who had a hard time doing so.

They cheaped out and didn't send it certified mail! So, I decided to avoid this problem by...uuummm...sending it certified.

I went online and signed up to view my account online. It took about 2 minutes to do so. Right there on their site was a link for cancelling a membership.

It allowed me to print out a PDF file that was already filled out for me to mail off. It was even formatted so that you could fold up the paper on the lines, put a stamp on it and send it in to them. I simply put this in a different envelope, went to the automatic postage machine at the post office (no line at these usually), paid my $4.40 or so for the certified mail stamp, threw it on the envelope and sent it in.

Today (4 days later) I have already received an email from them telling me that my membership has been succesfully cancelled effective Oct31 and that any necessary refund due to my direct debit will be refunded. Looks like you just have to do your due dilligence and pay the $4.40 to save another months dues to me?


:( We had gone in and agreed to the 6mth trainer and was explained if I sign up for te 12 mth I could drop it to the 6 mth if I was not satisfied. Not only am I not satisfied I was told that is not possible but the TRAINER MGR that told me I could to begin with!

I have gone to corp and tried to get her MGR and left 3 msgs and not 1 call bk from anyone and I have not had a session in wks.

I am so disgusted with this place once I am out of this I will NEVER go bk or refer it. I rather pay more for smaller scale that pays attention then larger that once they got ur $ they dont help.


First I logged into my account on the LA Fitness website and changed my address and phone number to fakes. Then I called the bank and reported my Visa card stolen.

I shouldn't have had to do it that way, but it worked.



I was able to cancel my membership online after registering for a manage my account,'s June 5th and it's going to take 54 days for the account to actually close!!!


I went through *** as LA Fitness "Lost" my letter and as I was given a PO Box number, I was unable to send a certified letter. Reading through the internet I found this email address:

I sent a quick note saying I would like to cancel my membership and attached my name, key tag number and phone number as well as an explanation of why I didn't have their form (the website wasn't working), and within a few hours I received confirmation that the membership was cancelled. THANK YOU ORLANDO, whomever you may be!


I signed for 2 memberships with monthly deductions from my account. I also decided a personal trainer would be great.

On appointment day I was able to leave work early soooo instead of going home first I stopped by the fitness center. "Can someone fit me in early"? After several attempts the answer basicly came back as a no go...sooooo I did my regular routine and left. I have not been contacted by ANYBODY including the trainer I had been initially assigned.

HELLO!!PERSONAL TRAINER!!! Anyway, I am going to cancel the trainer and continue on my own.


I just went through all of the hoops with mailing in the contract that others have described here. The first time, was last month and they claim they never got my cancellation notice. So I wnet in this month and got the forms and sent it certified mail instead.

Ironically, we had a credit card lost in the process and I had to order a new one. This really freaks them out bcause they can't just bill my account.

I did miss a billing cycle that they were contractually owed becuase of this but by then we had decided to cancel. Because I did owe it (they won't apply that last month you pay upfront) I told them I would pay it but as my cancellation was already in process i preferred to pay in cash.

They freaked out and said I can't do that that I had to update my billing information or I would keep getting calls.

So I went to my local club I paid in cash and got a receipt for that. Then I copied that and each of the three membership letters that they sent and wrote a note on the bottom of each cancellation form stating that they could only contact me by mail.

Then I sent copises of all of that by certified mail and kept copies for myselef.


If they think they are ever getting my business back they are d e l u s i o n a l.

In the process, in talking to the staff of LA, I have found out that their fitness instructors make the lowest wages and have to have the least amount of training anywhere, yet they charge more per month than 24 fitness, and that their auqa fit instroctors don't have to have lifesaving experience (what if one of those people has a medical problem in the water)...

Its just not well managed corporately and the reasons I was leaving had to do with my local club, problems a local club that is franchised could have addressed but coroprorte has all these rules.

I do love their equipment, out where I live its the neweest and sleekest stuff, but I am fine at 24 now and send everyone I know there, now I am sure they have an equally grueling cancelleation process but if I have to I will just "lose" this card at the end and then get another one issued. That's the only way I know to protect my account with operations like this.

The fact that our account had to be cancelled and a new card issued truly was a coincedence but they have since gone crazy trying to get billing information on an account that is paid in full and has been cancelled. To me that speaks volumes about their intentions.

I'm done!


I just did it by calling their 800 number, asking for billing, and (politely) explaining that I'd like to cancel. I wasn't pushed around at all, and the entire process took about two minutes.

I now have an emailed confirmation that everything is taken care of, and my last billing period was last month. No problem.


:( i'm going thru the same bs, i send my cancellation letter two months ago and i keep getting money taken away from my account i call and they said they never received a letter so i called and said i have to send another letter, can u believe this!!!! NEVER GET THEIR MEMBERSHIP its all a SCAM!!!!!