Plymouth, Michigan

My name is Sean Nelson and I have a serious issue that needs someones IMMEDIATE ATTENTION! I am a Ballys carryover to LA Fitness and I have a lifetime membership and I never agreed to have any of my dues withdrawn from any of my accounts, checking, credit card, debit etc.. I used a credit card to make a one time payment and now this is what LA Fitness chose on their own to use for my monthly withdrawal! Not my choice but yours! Whose credit card is this? Was it mine? Was it my wifes, sister, cousin, brother? Was it a gift card? No one knows because no one bothered to ASK MY PERMISSION! There is no documentation signed to give permission to steal money from a credit card that was not authorized. When I joined Ballys Total Fitness there was no agreement for any withdrawal of funds in order to pay my dues and I don't intend to do so going further. This is a total scam! I need some sort of resolution to this concern! This is stealing and unethical business practices.

I purchased a lifetime membership and with transfer of ownership, my contract and terms of that said contract go with it! If you don't wish to honor that then I expect a refund due to breach of contract.

Don't Forget there is Lifetime Fitness, Powerhouse Gym, Planet Fitness just to name a few other options.

I don't want to join another gym but I'm not against it either. The customers who have spent thousands of dollars in your corporation should be treated with ethical and fair business practices not with forced charges they haven't agreed to.

Without notification there is potential for overdraft fees from anyones banking institution if they can't balance their account due to lack of knowledge of fees coming out. Fortunately I don't fall into that category but there are numerous accounts used for different reasons and thats why an approval is needed to withdraw someones funds.

I will not stop here unless there is resolution. I am aware of who Louis Welch is and how to reach him so I'll try to resolve it on this level first. I'm sure this is not the way he wants his LOYAL CUSTOMERS to feel about the corporation.

The phone number listed on my account is 248-569-4733.

Remove the credit card number on file as this is notice that YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO CHARGE THE CREDIT CARD ENDING IN 7250

Please respond promptly


PHONE 248-420-9092

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Same here. My credit card was charged 149.00 without eny notice.

I never sign up for any automatic payments. Disputed the charges with credit card provider.


If you are using services, or not, but are signed up as a member with either company, than you the consumer, have an obligation to payment, HOWEVER THE COMPANY SEES FIT. You DO NOT have any legal rights, outside of that, if you ever signed anything, including a membership agreement, you have signed over your rights to them as a consumer...

You all should read fine print, and pay more attention to detail... as when I made the tranisiton, I asked for a copy of an LA Fitness agreement.. and just like a Bally's Agreement, that information is listed... This issue is your own fault, for not paying attention..

Sham on Businesses for taking advantages, but that is busines.... Sorry guys, no sympathy for any of you here..


It is recommended to contact your financial institutions to file a dispute and have the charges reversed. Additionally, you may file a complaint with your state's office of attorney general or better business bureau.

AG's office is best bet. Good luck, and join the class action lawsuit on Facebook if you qualify.


The experienced the same thing... L.A. Fitness charged my account without my authorization serveral times.


Same deal. La fitness charged my cc. Without my permission.


I have the same issue with Sean Nelson.LA fitness charged my yearly membership to my credit card without my permission. I will file a complaint for unauthorized