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My name is Arakel and I have been a member since 2006 when it was still Bally's total fitness. Then unfortunately I was automatically switched to LA Fitness.

In any case today i was at the gym doing my usual routine which consisted of some cardio on the mill and followed by my self kick boxing training in the boxing/yoga room. So while i was doing my moves one of the employees came up yelling at me and he rudely padded my back in a i would say rough way and he said that the boxing bags are not made to be kicked which there is no such sign saying so. Then he gave an implication that its me who has broken two of the bags out of there place which i did not because as a martial artist i know how much strength needs to be used to be able to kick that huge thing off and obviously i don't do that since i work out at this gym and its no use to me if the equipment is broken. So after being yelled at he said the following in a rude tone of voice without being customer member friendly: "PUT YOUR SHOES ON!!!".

After that i was very angry, but i kept my cool and instead of going in to an argument with him i asked for his name. He hesitated to tell me his name, but eventually he did and his name was Jamie. I tried to register a complaint in the gym, but instead they acted that they listened to my concerns, but they did not do a single thing they didn't even call the employee to apologize to me for his unfriendly attitude.

So then i came across this site with hopes that I could open peoples eyes about this gym that its full of unhealthy and unfriendly staff that don't care about anything except just getting your money. After this incident i am thinking of switching to a private gym where the staff treats you like a human being.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Customer Care.

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I would have told Jamie to go into the mens room and flush himself down the toilet. It is clear to me that LA Fitness cares more about their staff than those who put money into the business.

My complaints about employees were blown off and their excuses about me were taken very seriously.

That's why I'm no longer with LA Fitness. :x