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La fitness is very Aweful at providing customer service. First off my mother decided to get me a membership for my birthday.

The agreement was that she would pay for the first and last month on her credit card, and my credit card would be charged in between. When I checked my account the next day they had completely screwed it up. Their excuse was that they just had sooo many people joining that they were in a rush to enter it into the computer. Well that is your mistake number one.

That next day I called the office in rowlett and the lady I talked to told me she would have her manager contact me when she got back from lunch. Didn't even take down my number, well of course I never received a call. So I used my gas and drove up to the one in Richardson. One again the person at the front desk told me she would call me back when she talked to her manager...

Yeah that didn't happen. So once again the next day I drove up to the one is rowlett and the guy was trying to help me but unfortunately he couldn't. And he put a note on my account. But he also said that I had to talk to the guy who signed me up.

So I called the general manager in McKinney. And told him how frustrated I was with all of this and that I simply just wanted to cancel my membership and get my account refunded. At this point I had used the membership one time and it had only been a week. He went on to tell me he couldn't do anything and discounted the fact that I felt frustrated, he was insanely rude and inconsiderate.

I told hi

That I did not feel it was right for me to pay 70 bucks for a one time use at the gym. He went on to say that basically its the agreement I made, however not one did I sign nor talk to anyone about the membership. That was all my mothers doing since it was a birthday present. So I felt at a disadvantage.

The manager in McKinney said to me " I don't know why your frustrated and giving me an attitude when all I did was give you a fantastic deal on a membership and explain your contract." and when I asked to talk to someone over him he went on to say that there is no one over him. Which I'm sure Is false. He said he would send an email to the billing company and get back to me, at this point I said okay well will you please attach me in the email when you send . He made it sound like he could not, and I said one way or another I want to see this email, I needed to make sure someone was gonna help me.

And then I asked when he planned to call me back cuz up to this point I've heard that three other times and not once did I receive a call. He said very rudly " well you do realize its 5:00 on a Friday night, so it will probably be Monday before I contact you." well alright I've only been trying to deal with this for three days what's another 2. I was very annoyed, and I do not think this manager from McKinney deserves to have this job, he needs to be fired!

I am so sick of dealing with people who only care about getting there money and not good customer service. La fitness is a terrible place to get a membership if not because of their terrible customer service then because of all their stuck up unhelpful staff, especially the manager in McKinney.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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DUDE! Same Here!

California, The one on Carson St. Terrible. THE exact thing happened to me. I kept asking for a call back or get in touch with the general manager but always ignored.

one time, they didnt get my number and just hung up! ugh!!!


Oh and let me add that I have yet to hear from him.