Boynton Beach, Florida
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Have a buddy that warned me about getting MRSA at both the Lantana and Wellington LA Fitness Clubs. Within 90 days I contracted MRSA an there was a couple there that had issues about all the people that train there that are sick.

They have caught the FLU there many times until thy changed gyms. I have seen them since at Publix and they said getting away from that meat market was the best move they ever made.

I am very tired of the staff at both of these establishments for the lack of TLC for the machines and the enormous mess from all the slobs not putting the weights away they use.

Nor does the terrible staff do anything about the mess. Every morning we get to the gym at 5am and more than 50% of all the free weights are scattered and it makes it impossible to enjoy working out.

We get the usual excuse that the night staff is tired. LMAO, so if they owned a fast food chain it would be acceptable to just leave the customer food and messes everywhere ?

Back to the germs and problems. Now let's get into how many cases of pink eye we have heard about and personally seen there. With all the sweat and people rubbing there face and eyes that have it and training on a machine you are waiting to use.

Firstly it will make you contract it and secondly you'll want to tell them to get out from the lack of respect and health concern for others they display.

LA fitness has displayed the longest delays on repairing simple seat and cushions on equipment that sometimes can take weeks for a simple re-cushioning. I have upholstery guys that redo car and house furniture and it can be done within days.

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New members beware !!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1496.

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I understand your concerns, I work out there as well and see everything you see (well except the MRSA and pink eye). The place is a mess, not one new machine since it has opened and weights everywhere not to mention the *** that leave their treadmills running while they get water, do pushups (that sort of stuff), almost seen someone get severely injured as a result.

I wash my hands about every 3-4 machines (I don't care if I look like freak), I am a guy so I know it is not the most manly thing to do but I don't give a ***.

Good Luck.

Note: There was a Level-5 gym in Delray (non convenient) but they changed names and it was the best gym I worked out in since living here.