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I am 63 , can not afford too pay extra just to go too any location my life is so busy sometime I maybe across town and need to go to a la fitness club. Please tell me what is wrong with me being able to do this. I have been a member for more than 4 years and I love la fitness. I get so upset when I am told I can not use anyone of la fitness club, and there are times the employees are so nasty, and do not try too come up with a solution that will work with my budget.when I join they had special deals going on they did not explain that I could not visit any location, this is not right. I need this to be change. If a member is not allowed to visit any location, then tell me will this not only discourage people to work out when you can just embrace your customers. When I am treated with respect as a customer I will always tell others about that company and their customer services. La fitness do the right thing.

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I just became a member at LA Fitness and I want to know if they will let you switch your home LA Fitness?


You signed a deal to get single club access, not premium club access (all non-signature clubs). If you wanted access to all clubs in the state, then you should have signed up for a different plan instead of signing up for the single club plan and whining because they won't make a customized plan just for you so that it can "fit your budget".

@Jay Gatz

Definitely sounds like your employed by la fitness, just another rude ***! Why not offer some actual help and drop the pretentious lawyer tone from that cloaca you call a mouth, maybe offer a solution next time? You dumb ***.

@Jay Gatz

Get some Jay Gatz!!


LA Fitness is a disgusting organization built on the backs of those who are dumb enough to sign up for personal training. There contracts have teeth and corporate treats you like dirt.

It is a typical health club that is set up not to keep customers but to take a *** out of them as they are leaving. Also, there trainers are typical Neanderthals who have no customer service skills whatsoever.


So disgusting that they pay trainers 6 bucks an hr in MI with no raises ever. Sales staff, same wages.

@Jay Gatz

I dont think the man was Whining as you put it . I think the man was expressing a concern he had , the fact that you are too shallow minded to realize that is your shortcoming not his .

The customer had a valued question and the fact you have to be rude to him in a post is wrong.

I bet you work or use to work for LA Fittness . Hopefully use to is the keyword