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LA FITNESS does not care about you, who is their paying customer, once you sign on the line! ANY AND ALL complaints have fallen upon deaf ears!

Two different employees at the Universal City location have taken my belongings (shrug, mints, keys, you name it!), thrown my full water bottle in the trash, and left other trash and empty water bottles for their respective owners! How kind of them to take my stuff directly under my nose, throw a FULL water bottle in the trash, yet leave paper towels and empty water bottles (i.e., REAL TRASH!) all over the gym! If their employees are THAT terribly bored, then, please, by all means, go CLEAN OFF THE THICK SWEAT THAT'S CAKED ON EACH AND EVERY MACHINE instead of walking around aimlessly, taking members' belongings, apparently not being remorseful about it upon confrontation!! During the 2nd incident, the employee left the gym BEFORE she was even supposed to leave work, BEFORE CLOSING, and WITH MY BELONGINGS!

No remorse, no professionalism when confronted --- completely unprofessional, irrational, illogical, UNACCEPTABLE behavior! Called corporate to complain about this, my car and other cars getting broken into, absolutely NO AIR circulating in the gym during evening/night-time hours (in fact, they had HEAT blasting through the vents, which is significantly unhealthy, is a breeding ground for germs, and ABSOLUTELY NOT conducive to working out!!!!), horrible weekend hours (8 p.m.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did a 21-year-old determine these hours?? hey, it's the weekend!

Be done with the gym by 8 p.m. and then go party!!! hee haw!) $35 dollars per month for a *** of stress, unprofessionalism, UNACCEPTABLE MEMBER TREATMENT, disgusting/dirty machines, theft, rude employees, *** hours, car break-ins (during daytime, too!), equipment that is always out of order or laden with sweat, ants (yes, they also had ants and were told about them and, once again, NOTHING WAS DONE!), etc.! and the employees there have the audacity to harass me about bringing in family members, friends, etc., to join the club!?!?!?

I wouldn't even if you PAID ME! I would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER be that dumb! In fact, I will always, always try to stop anyone and everyone i know from joining! If you join, don't say you weren't warned!

You will regret it! I have been to many gyms throughout my life but this one, BAR NONE, is the worst ---dirty, unprofessional, thieves (belonging and your money!), locks in locker room get cut off and belongings stolen, psychotic employees who live in a get-rich-and-i-dont-care-how-the-customer-is-treated, selfish, egotistical world that is known as LA FITNESS!

all these complaints i've listed and i've yet to even get to the universal complaint about this club, which is the FUN cancellation part --- but that will be easy peasy: I will oh oops cancel my credit card! TOUCHE, ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Customer Care.

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I have only been to this particular club once. I called the club, asked to speak to a sales rep, asked the one who answered if she would give me a tour of the club and she agreed to do so, went there and she gave me the tour without any hassle.

This was over 5 years ago so they have a different staff there now.

I totally understand that some associates will be rude. I guess the best way to deal with them is to ignore them.


I've had a relatively good experience with this club. It has a good energy to it, although it can sometimes be a bit crowded and parking is a bear during peak hours.

The staff there is generally nice, although I make it a policy to avoid taking the free personal training (it's just a sales pitch). I haven't encountered anyone taking away my stuff "under my nose" or otherwise. But you should be mindful of your personal belongings here, just as you would at any gym. I don't agree that the gym is particularly dirty or stuffy.

As for the sales process, this place is not better or worse that other places. Most gym sales are like buying from a used car dealership. I just tell them upfront that I've been through the process before. I don't need them to go through the pitch, or ask me what my goals are.

I don't need them to tell me that today is the last day to get a certain special (it always is).

And I make sure I read the contract and know my cancellation rights. You've got to make it clear that they can't mess with you, and once you've gotten through that it's a lot easier.


Universal City is a great gym, especially compared to the other options in the area. It's a new two level facility surrounded by windows for lots of natural light exposure, something I love while working out. The gym is spacious and I have never had to wait for treadmills or equipment, except in the month of January when the new years resolution crowd comes out to the gym.

I workout in the morning so I am there while the cleaning crew is there. My friends and I have never experienced problems like these.

Last, la fitness let's you cancel anytime with no fees. I remember more than one gym membership where I was stuck going to a gym I hated, because I could get out of the contract. I guess I'm confused at why there is so much anger toward something you could just cancel and change.

Hope you've found a better gym in the area.


All of the above complaints are indeed true. LA Fitness will hammer you with promotion al mailings, but has not once solicited feedback via a satisfaction survey.

The single best thing management and staff at this location can do is enforce existing rules: No using the equiopent as furniture while texting. No weight-dropping, and TAKE A SHOWER before entering the Spa or Pool. Management cannot control the fact that many members were raised by wolves, but there is an obligation to enforce the rules, even if only to avoid liability or a memeber contacting the LA Health Department.

The front desk staff is nice, the cleaning staff works hard, but it is at the trainer and supervisory that a slack-*** attitude exists. And--the trainers will absolutely step over trash and ignore unsafe behaviour while simultaneously catching up on their text messages or ogling someone's behind.


I think the trainers are nice at Universal City location and the front desk people seem nice. My complaint is about the cleaning of the locker rooms and broken equipment.

Only 3 showers are currently working properly and several members have been complaining for two weeks.

If they would get those fixed and keep the place a little cleaner, I would have no complaints. I'm actually shopping around for a different gym...even though this one is closer, I'd rather pay a little more and get a little better service.


The level of service at this place goes up and down. I agree with the comment about broken equipment...sometimes the same think will have the "out of order" sign on it for WEEKS at a time.

Part of the problem is that there never seems to be any kind of manager on duty (at least anyone who's identified as such), just trainers, sales people and of course the front desk attendant.

One of my pet peeves is that they don't seem to enforce any of the rules (I work out at many of the LA Fitness locations as I travel around for my job -- this one just happens to be my "home" club).

Want to bring your kids with you to play on the treadmills? Fine! The rule about no bags on the gym floor? Eh...forget about it. Those make it much easier to steal the handles from the equipment. (And may explain why the clocks upstairs kept disappearing.) Oh, and feel free to bring any kind of latte, smoothie or whatever with you when you work out. If it gets spilled on the floor...oh well. And never mind about proper workout attire. Feel free to use the treadmills in your flip-flops, sandals or Crocs. But of course when you get hurt, go ahead and sue the company, they'll just raise the membership fees to pay the settlement. Wiping your sweat off the equipment...nah...that's optional...especially if you don't feel like it and don't like being told what to do. Finally, that "20 minute limit" on cardo equipment when others are waiting is so easy to ignore! Just hang a towel over the display or keep resetting the clock. After all, YOUR workout is much more important than everybody else's.


Mirlo, your a *** I have been going to LA FITNESS (Universal City) for a long time and never had a problem. I bet you bitched and moaned like you are here and someone decided to mess with you, I know I would. Are you sure you didn't leave the daycare center a little early?


they need more janitors!

The breakins are something they can't control.

The police should patrol the area more often.

At my location we are pretty lucky. Its on the outer ring of a mall so the mall security patrols it often.


Well that's simply not true. My car got broken into Wednesday and I spoke with the LAPD and they said it is a constant problem that LA Fitness is ignoring.

LA Fitness leases those spaces therefore does have a say and responsibility of dealing with the problem with the owners and leasors of the structure itself. LA Fitness puts there names on the spaces, and they pay to do so. I called the LAPD that day and they called me back twice in the same day. I called LA Fitness twice and they have yet to return my call.

So the manager at LA Fitness is busier than the LAPD?

It has happened to three people I know in one month and they just ignore it. All they want it money.


I absolutely agree with Mirlo3. The management of LA Fitness is absolutely tone deaf to member complaints.

The front desk staff and maintenance people are great--but stretched too thin. Meanwhile trainers and managers lounge around the office area. The men's locker room absolutely reeks of sweat due to zero ventilation. Things that are broken can go weeks un-repaired.

(Lately its the pool heater). The trainers are worhless, lounging against the machines, and checking their email.

They will step right over trash on the floor and ignore people dropping weights or other dangerous behavior. Generally a slack-*** operation.


Hmmm. I haven't used the lockers for a while now. But they do post a sign saying day locks will be cut at closing if you leave your stuff there.

I workout at the Universal City location at both peak and non-peak hours. It is a bit messier (ie. sweat on machines, paper towels on the floor, etc) with the after work crowd. But at off-peak times it's usually back to an acceptable level of cleanliness.

Although my experience at the LA Fitness Universal City location has been different than yours I am concerned about the car break-ins and property theft you speak of. I will keep a closer watch on my belongings.

I am curious though if it is ALL the employees behaving this way... or maybe one stray employee has singled you out and should be reported to the manager? Is it an issue of racism or sexism? If it is a universal problem then I suggest you report the Universal City location to corporate headquarters. I'm sure LA Fitness does not endorse the type of behavior you have been encountering.

For me working out is a way to de-stress and to take a break from everything. So you have my sympathies because it truly is not fair.


you are quick and harsh to judge (maybe you work for them?). my stuff was not left all over the place. If you reread what i wrote, you'd clearly be able to read that LOCKS GET CUT OFF FROM LOCKERS and CARS GET BROKEN INTO. and a sweater is not garbage, but leaving a paper towel on the floor is (which they left on the floor!). A FULL BOTTLE OF WATTER NEAR KEYS AND A SWEATER IS NOT GARBAGE. But an EMPTY BOTTLE OF WATER is, which they clearly did NOT pick up.

and once again, if you READ my information carefully, you'd also see ALL OF THE OTHER MAJOR COMPLAINTS about LA fitness and not just these two specific incidents! But of course, you're probably 8.5 years old and can't read that well.

Don't judge others or specific situations until you are completely aware of all the details. You may also want to review the gamut of other complaints about LA fitness and you'd see that these aren't isolated incidents...but , now, to do that, you'd have to put your XBOX and Matchbox and Barbie dolls away.


If you kept your stuff in the locker instead of anywhere they will throw your stuff. Next time don't leave it all over the place.

How do they know it isn't garbage. Someone need to grow up.

The members are supposed to take a paper towel and wipe up after they used the equipment. Perhaps when you are older than nine you can join another time?