San Jose, California
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LA Fitness is the absolute worse, even when you move out of state they still make you pay for a contract.

This is poor poor customer service. I was told if I had proof of my new out of state lease I would be able to opt out of the contract. Not only is that a lie but they make sure you don't understand what's going on when you sign the contract. I've worked with Planet Fitness and if you have a Planet Fitness or any other gym close to you go there.

I repeat don't give your hard earned money to LA Fitness!!! They don't deserve it!!!

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the same thing happened to me, but with medical issues. I told them that I have concerns with being ill again (just finished chemotherapy felt as though i needed a trainer to strengthen back up, but ended up making my bone pain worse)and not being able to go train anymore.

Before signing the contract, they said don't worry if you get ill I will gladly blah blah blah.. now they have given me the run around for a few weeks now. The manager avoiding my calls.. finally spoke to him and he told me that he doesn't have the authority to do anything.

Omg. So I had to call their.main office..geez ... it was the total opposite of what he said. The only way I can cancel with out all the fees is if I am "totally disabled" omg even when I was going through chemotherapy and lost my hair and endure all that pain I was not considered disabled by ssi or the state..

imagine their criteria s for "totally disabled" do not sign your life away.. they seam nice but its all sales BS.....

all a numbers game and meeting quota to them... stay away.