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Do not join the new Highland Park, Ill. LA Fitness.

The mens locker room floor is filthy and never cleaned. There are dust balls around the edges. The lockers were designed by someone from LA because they're too small for a winter coat and gym bag. There are no towels.

The showers have 3 receptacles for soap, shampoo and conditioner but there is no soap. Notwithstanding many complaints the water is not really hot. Equipment on the gym floor remains broken for weeks and complaints about it results in no action. The staff is amateurish or worse.

They are rude and defensive. The business model is clearly sell sell sell. They attempt to drive you into package deals with the trainers who they claim are "certified"(it's not clear by who, probably from the same people who sell on line ministers). The purpose of the "fitness assessment" is to drive you into package training deals by showing what pathetic shape you are in.

Don't be duped by the $30/month fee.

You won't even get what you paid for. Run, don't walk anywhere else.

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I have been a member since it opened and here is my report. Since March 10 when the above post was made the management has added towel service especially since many members requested it. The lockers were a problem in the beginning as many were out of service but they learned how to fix them and now they are fine. Size wise - big deal. I put my coat on the coat rack and a large gym bag and clothes in the locker. No gripe here.

Filthy? I have never noticed this and there seems to be constant cleaning while I am there from 3 to 6 days a week.

I asked about the shower supplies and was told that the so called shampoo they provide is an all over shampoo and body wash.

I have a trainer who is excellent. She offered me advice when I was using equipment improperly and since I signed up for a three month program I have been more than satisfied with the service etc.

I have recommended the club to many people and I have many friends now as members and no one is complaining. For what I am paying, about $30.00 a month, this is a steal. Equinox? $125 per month. Not even close.

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