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Well there are a littany of issues starting with the incompetent manager Ceasar. Many machines don't work and have been broken for some time.

There are weights laying around everywhere while the entire staff sits behind their desks upfront BS-ing. There is no management in this place and it shows. People tie up machines just sitting and playing on their IPhones and management ignores it. The place is full of people who are there just to see and be seen.

They ought to rename the place *** and tats. Don't get me wrong I dearly love the pups, but it's close to a strip show. Few are there to get a serious workout.

So I moved on to Planet Fitness. I can get my workout in in a reasonable time on well maintained machines and a clean environment

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Fire the manager and clean the place up.

La Fitness Pros: Location.

La Fitness Cons: Poor and rude manager.

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Here is my experience:

For years I have been communicating with the Operations Manager, Cesar Hevia Jr., about the condition of the gym (equipment breakage and free weight area disorganization). I have even spoken with several staff as well as attempted to reach corporate which is almost impossible.

The main issues with the gym/management is the free weight area is always a disaster.

Sometimes there seems to be more free weights in the aerobics room then the free weight area. The weight plates are always all over the floor and the dumbbell rack is empty.

Because of the disarray it takes me longer to work out and have even skinned my shins because of all the land mines in the pathways.

I have sent several emails to Cesar advising of the unsafe conditions and extremely unhappy customers I have interfaced with and all he can say is that corporate wont allow for additional overhead or support. I explained to him that the LA Fitness near the expressway (5 miles down the road) is always need and clean and I am sure they are subjected to the same corporate limitations and demographics. Long story short there is no excuse and he needs to become more of an accountable manager.

Another issue that has been progressively getting worst is the cleanliness of the workout area and locker rooms.

When you first enter the lobby it smells like a sewer. As you go in the locker room there is an musty mildew smell. I know it is a men's locker room so there will be other smells but this is 5am and already smells bad. About 6-8 months ago there was a change in cleaning personnel and the new guy I have been witnessing for awhile now and yet to see him clean the bathrooms with any kind of disinfectant.

All he does is get paper towels from the machine and wipe areas of the mirror and wipe down the sinks. As this has progressed there has been an increase in odor, roaches and bugs in the shower. Additionally there is frequent trash left in the lockers and sticky residue on the work out floor. I did an experiment to see how long some powder will last on the floor in the locker room (tile floor) and it stayed there for 3 months.

I don't think the floor was ever cleaned but it got worn away. Needless to say I wear flip flops and shoes all over. I have told Cesar that I refuse to move since the expectation of their gym is to provide a safe, clean and organized gym. I am also taking the lead to be a voice of all the disappointed members of the morning dedicated work out people.

This problem is going to be fixed when Cesar addresses the systemic breakdown for good, gets removed from his position or an accident occurs and LA Fitness will be sued and the gym will close or change management/ownership. I suggest any potential customers avoid the gym for now until we can get is straighten up and safe. To all existing members setting for an unclean, unsafe and below expectation manager write reviews and post your issues. The more we get them recognized the more loss of business to the point corporate will have to investigate.

In the meantime I will continue to address this as well as find ways into corporate to bring this to light. "The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result"-Albert Einstein I am going to put this on every social media area possible.