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I'm giving this gym two out of five stars only because it's a really nice gym. Very nice layout, lots of space, plenty of equipment and for the most part, it's clean.

I'm a member at Gold's Gym and had never worked out at a LA Fitness until Easter weekend, when that Friday night, I went with my sister, who has been a member for a couple of years. I was staying at a hotel in the area and when I asked for a nice gym to work out, they recommended LA Fitness, so I was expecting a great experience and workout.

My sister and I arrive at approx 8:30pm. Gym wasn't too crowded and my first impression was indeed a good one. That changed, when about 9:30pm I went to the car to get a towel and upon my return was locked out. All four doors were locked and two of them had blue tape stretched them, possibly indicating that the doors were broke. The gym didn't close until 10pm and the two girls behind the counter didn't move and wouldn't let me back in. Finally a young lady came from behind what I assume is a sales desk and opened the door for me. As watched television, while waiting for my sister, the two girls at the front began yelling and cursing for the members to hurry up and leave because " Cheddar's closes at midnight"! This behavior was really unprofessional and I really thought they were out of line when they began calling the members "mother ***" and "***"! I spoke to the young lady who opened the door about the two girls and I was shocked to hear that reporting the incident to their manager wouldn't do any good, because the blond girl didn't even work there and both girls are really good friends with the operations manager.

The next day, just before 8am, I called the gym to see if the two girls that worked the night before were going to be there, If they were, I wasn't going. A male answered and had indicated that the gym opens at 8am and that he'd be there until 2pm, so my sister and I headed over. The young man at the front desk was really professional and friendly. My sister said she remembered him because he used to work at her home gym and had nothing but good things to say about him. Here's where everything went wrong!!! I go in the bathroom and all three stalls were a mess. There was toilet paper, soiled underwear and *** all over the floor and toilets. The shower area was disgusting and the whirlpool jacuzzi looked like it hadn't been cleaned in months. I immediately went and told the young man and woman at the front desk. The young man was really apologetic and said he'd take care of it. Shortly after wards, we see him pushing a cart with a mop and bucket attached and headed inside the men's locker room.

My sister and I then decided to just lift and do cardio. Problem... the free weight area looked like a tornado had been through it. Weights were everywhere, empty water bottles and paper towels were all over the place apparently from the night before. I was in total disbelief. I couldn't believe that this brand new gym could look so bad, not to mention that work out equipment impeded the emergency exits of three separate doors. I'm sure that's a fire hazard!! Again, we reported our findings to the front desk and the young man once again complied by re-racking all of the weights and cleaning up the trash. I'm sure that he didn't expect to work the front desk and be a janitor, but those of us that were there that morning truly appreciate it.

I have tried on several occasions to contact the operations manager and was told that she was there, but unavailable, or on a corporate call. No wonder the place is a mess. Better hope they don't open a Gold's Gym near by!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

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Funny how your sister has been a member of this gym for quite some time with no mention of any complaints, and yet you can't even get through a day and a half of using the gym as a GUEST without constantly complaining about EVERYTHING! You are a guest, not a member! If you dont like the gym, then leave!


I go to the gym to work out. I don't go to play around or make friends or socialize. The gym is fine. You get what you pay for. With that being said, my real issue is with the custodian. The one who takes care of the men's changing room.

All he does is talk on the phone. I don't mind if he talks on the phone. I mind if he talks on the phone and the toilet paper is out. Or the shower soap is out. OR the lockers are filthy.

He will be HOSING DOWN the bathrooms and talking on his phone. Why is he doing two things at one time? I have to wait and wait for him to finish his phone call before he finishes cleaning the bathroom and cleaning the showers.

This guy needs to STAY OFF HIS PHONE. All he does is lurk in the shower and do a half *** job of cleaning it and keeping it stocked. Laziest custodian I have ever seen.


One thing I have heard several times is that LA Fitness is a professional company. It's not, they just try to make it look that way.

(949) 255-7200 is the number to call if the operations manager does not care. Good luck.