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LA Fitness in Rancho Palos Verdes will not cancel my membership. They called to continue my membership when it was Bally's.

They gave me a price and told me what it included, then the next day I called to confirm some of the details promised and was told all of the information was incorrect. I said I would prefer to cancel the membership. They said they could not help me, but I could go into the RPV location to cancel. I did the today, and then I am told no you cannot cancel on Saturday only Monday -Friday from 8-5.

I went back again at 5:55 on Monday, and was told that the guy I needed was gone. IThey said i could fill out a form that would take two weeks to cancel and they would continue to charge my account.

I believe this is illegal, there are no phone numbers on the web site for customer service. I have reported them to BBB and contacted lega.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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Be aware. The place is full of thieves.

I was forced to enroll to LA Fitness from Bally's. I've never liked the people who are going to this club. The locker and the shower area and the pool are is extremely dirty. No matter what time of the day or what day of the week you go there.

Last week, I left my swimming trunk to dry in the sauna as the swimsuit spinner was out of service. When I came back, it was gone. Then today, I left my gym shoes beneath a bench and went to take a shower. A few minutes later I came back and my shoes were gone.

I filed a report with the Oakbrook police department.

I asked the club management to refund my membership fee but they refused. Stay away from LA Fitness.


I have finally been able to cancel my membership however I had to pay for three months, never used the membership before I was able to cancel. That is how long it takes, only one person in the entire gym has authorization to cancel, and that person is often not there.



Their is a class action lawsuit dealing with your issue with L.A. Fitness. Not sure which Law Firm is handling, but you can Google the information, it's all over the web.

Good luck to you..