i have been trying to quit LA fitness for 2 months now. they say it takes time to process the cancellation request which is just an excuse to keep on tapping my credit card each month.don't join this club unless you like paying long after you've left to join another club.when i joined i specifically asked if i had to mail off a letter to cancel my policy.

the lady told me i just had to let someone at the desk know that i was canceling the contract and that would be it. well you have to mail a form in to cancel your subscription, a form thay never recieve

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Change your card number.


Same issue here. Tried to cancel twice, STILL NOT DONE.

My discover can't/ won't stop the charges so I had to dispute with them. Now I have to go back up there and try again. This has been a 6 month ordeal. No joke.

Never go to this place. The employees are worthless anyways.


anyone who no longer wants to be a member with LA Fitness cancel your card or checking acccount that you have on file....

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