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I was a member at LA Fitness for six years. I never once complained, had a late payment, or interrupted my membership there.

Last August I noticed a change in temperature at the gym I was working out in. It was very, very hot in there. It is a two story facility and all the cardio equipment is up stairs. It is the hottest area in the whole gym.

I would work out under air conditioning vents just to try and stay cool and the whole time I never felt the A/C turn on once. It was like a sauna in there. I actually worked for LA Fitness for three months and in those three months I discovered that all complaints go completely unheard. Having experience dealing with this, I took my complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

LA Fitness contacted me the very next day on the issue. I had to speak with one of the dumbest people on earth. When I realized that the conversation was going nowhere I asked to speak to his superior. He told me no!

He was the only one I could speak to. I could not believe it. He did not want me to speak to anyone else for fear of getting in trouble. In the end I canceled my membership and was refunded last months dues.

I would never recommend this gym to ANYONE. All they do is feed you lies, take your money, and could care less about their members. If they had handled my complaint better I would still be a member there, even if the temperature remained the same. It was their level of concern that convinced me to cancel my membership.

It's all about how one handles a situation.

You would think after all the complaints they have they would be an expert on communication and problem solutions, but the "D" average employees that work there are too *** to maintain some integrity of LA Fitness. You will find me at 24 hour fitness!

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They keep robbing me and I can't make them stop. Called my credit card several times and CC said they can't prevent payment as I signed a contract.

I've sent in my cancelation forms several times. You have to CANCEL BY MAIL- which takes more time.

To this date I've paid for three months of Gym I haven't used. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM.


I went over the head of the operations manager, Sarah Kraft at my LA Fitness in Seattle and complained to corporate. She took me to court to try to get an antiharrassment order against me.

She thought going over her head was harrassment.

The company actually paid money to hire an attorney to help her. The judge dismissed the case and told her that customer complaints were part of her customer service job and "deal with it".


I have no interest whatsoever in joining a gym. If I did, I wouldn't choose to go to one that placed unsolicited promotional fliers in my mail box.

The postal permit agreement that is signed by a corporation who want to do reduced rate bulk mailings to the general public (that's the little thing they print in the upper right corner of an envelope instead of using a stamp) has a clause in it that requires the mailer to cease all mailings to anyone who contacts that organization in any way. If the addressee receives mail after 90 days of filing his request, he is entitled to file a complaint with the USPS and collect a compensation of up to $500 for each and every mailing received after that time period.

On the 19th of April 2009, I received a mailing from LA Fitness in my box. The mailing had a phone number for the local branch, so I immediately called and asked the manager to have my name removed from their lists and to cease all future mailings from them to my address. He said he would pass the information on. To be sure that he would be likely to do so, I had him read back to me the information I had given him. He did so and he had taken it down correctly. This conversation is totally within the requirements of me filing a "Do not mail" request.

Today is the 15 of April, 2010. I received the third mailing from them since the 18th of July (which would have been ninety days after April 19th). This afternoon, I called the local manager to tell him that I was still receiving mailings. His response was that it was not his problem but a matter that I had to take up with the national office.

So I called the national office phone number that is listed on their flier. I got a machine that asked me for my zip code so it could tell me where to find a local branch. It did not allow me any options to talk to a human being.

Then I got on my computer and went to their website. The only contact info there asked me for a zip code so I could get in touch with a local branch. No email address, no phone number, no FAX number. Zada. Zip Zilch.

This an excellent example of poor corporate public relations.

I am left with only the option of filing a complaint with the USPS and trying to collect compensation. I now have the opportunity to see if the system works the way it is supposed to.


Customers are simply ATM machines to them. You are only a source of membership dues.

Nothing more. If you get injured in that place, nobody is home.

I have serious doubts about the credentials of the junior trainers. No way you can expect a great program with the wages they pay.


Do not sign contract for the trainer at LA Fitness. I been there, but they have noone to train me.

I did booked in advance! they do nothing. Just tell you sorry. I want to out of contract..they said pay half of each monthx5 (5 months left) then I can leave.

I am stuck now. Wishing someone can help us.