Chicago, Illinois

There is a new LA Fitness opening in Brighton Park on 39th & Archer in Chicago. There are signs outside saying - Come inside for a tour today! We went in this weekend to get a tour. The first young lady approaches us and says - Are you ready to start your membership today? We reply that we are just there to get information on pricing on see the facilities. She pushes a bit, but finally says it's ok to go ahead and look around. We get about 10 feet away from her and a gentleman walks over to us looking like a car salesman and introduces himself as the director of something (I can't recall). He tries talking us up. I ask if we can just tour the facility. He indicates that they are only giving tours to people who sign up for memberships today. I reply that we are not interested in signing up for membership on the spot, so that we will just leave. As we are walking out, we are remarking on how rude it is for them to have signs up that say to come in for a tour, but then they require that you sign up for a membership to just see the facilities. The gentleman follows us outside to explain that he is not being rude. I indicate that it's fine, that we are not interested in signing up for membership. As he's returning into the building, another LA Fitness employee is walking in. He starts recounting to the other employee the interaction he just had with us by saying, "These people think they can just come in and walk around and not sign up for a membership. If they don't want to sign up for a membership, they can kiss my ***." I walked back into the center and let him know that we clearly heard his commentary and that we are filing a complaint.

Concerns about this location:

1) False advertising! Signs clearly say, "Come in for a tour!" but say nothing about having to sign up for a membership before being able to look around.

2) Super high-pressure sales tactics

3) Complete lack of professionalism/courtesy by staff

We will NOT be joining this new facility and will tell everyone in the neighborhood not to join either. There are other gym options in the area. Sorry, LA Fitness!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Facility.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

  • High pressure
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