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I had a single club member with a kid club for a $1/month. I wanted a multi club membership to able to go to all LA Fitness in the area but didn't want to lose my $1 kid club deal. One day I called the club in Blaine and asked them if I could just go workout and check out just for a day. They said, oh sure come on and no problem we will get you in. When I went in Brent (the manager there at a time) manipulated me, made me pay over $90 up front, cancelled my old membership even though I already paid for over a month a head. He told me my monthly due for my membership as well as my $1 kids club deal stays the same and made me sign up for a new membership. So I paid over $90 up front and lost over $30 I already pre-paid and signed up.

After I signed up for my multi club deal, my kids club deal was cancelled along my old membership. Since I already pre-paid for both a month and half a head of time, I didn't find out it was cancelled for a month and half. I called Brent many times, left him several messages and he never returned my calls. I had to go to the gym and speak to him. I saw him twice since them both times I spoke with him he told me he was working on it. Since then, every time I call they tell me I have to speak to him and he is the only one who can fix it. This was over a month ago. I left him over 20 messages and he never returned my calls. Finally they told me he is transferred to the Oakdale location and I should call there and not the one in Blaine. I have tried to get a hold of him there multiple times. They ask for my name and they will come back to tell me he is busy and he will call me back. I have tried to get his manager's number or e-mail and they wouldn't give it to me.

About a month ago, they did transfer me to a customer service and I was told they will either speak to him and call me back or they will let him call me back and he never did. I spoke with a manger in Brooklyn Park and he said I have to go back to Blaine and speak to the manager there. Today I finally got a hold of the manager in Blaine. He acted he was sad and was going to fix it. At the end he said well, the $1 is gone and told me clearly Brent should have never promised that and nothing can be done about it. He transferred me to customer service very much to just complain and move on. When I spoke with customer service, they won't give me his manager information but they made it clear to me that I can't get that deal, he shouldn't be promised, it is still a good deal to pay $10/month for the day care. I told him that this was not just about money and it is about principle. I used to pay over $50/month at Lifetime Fitness and I was fine with it. But, I feel I was deceived and totally betrayed. They lied to me and made me cancel the membership I already pre-paid for. They can't fix what their employee broke. They all pick up the phone and say they are managers until they find out you aren't buying a new membership. Once they do they can't help you. It is extremely frustrating and they are all very unprofessional. I e-mailed the main e-mail address over 2 weeks ago to either fix that or reimburse me all the extra money I paid to get myself into this mess and no response. I don't want them to do to anyone else what they did to me and I didn't want to move on without doing something about it.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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By the way the guy who sold me the new membership is now it looks like he is promoted to a better location as a manager. Sad!!!!

I did speak with operations manager and he is the one who finally transferred me to customer service. First, they called me back and said they will honor me but I have to pay $10/month up front for 2 months and they will reimburse me after 79 days. I didn't really buy but I was going to do it. A few minutes later she called me back and said the VP doesn't want to honor you and he wants to give you back your old deal.

I told her that isn't acceptable but she needs to go back and tell him that that I need a refund of all the money I lost up front first before I agree with that. She said she will speak to him and call me back right away and she never called me back. That was 2 days ago. I called her yesterday and left her a message.

I called her again today and no response yet.

It is all bs. I am not going to let them get away with it.


I work for LA and would like to try to help you out. I'm sorry for all that you have went through.

Have you spoken with an operations manager as opposed to the membership manager? I will see if anyone at the Blaine location has your info and I will do my best to contact you.


you were screwed. typical la fitness bull.

first, brent did what is known as a "flip". he cancelled a good membership and wrote a new one to get credit for another sales. la fitness claims that they will terminate anyone caught doing this, but they turn a blind eye.

Contact the BBB and file a formal complaint against them. total piece of *** company.