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I am a ex employee of LA Fitness intl LLC, after workin for the company for almost 2 years in management i was let go for without any investigation of the matter. I worked 6 days a week sometimes 7 and the time clock would be adjusted by my manager very often for the sales staff. This is a common practice through out the company and law suits after law suits they still get away. While i was holding a management spot, there were several younger employees who would contact HR and no help would be offer but rather they will be transfered or the employee would quit.

Working for this company felt like working for Satan.

Their hiring process is very illegal as well, none of the documents or employee hand book is ever provided to a new hire. After the interview process, the new hire is called in to finish the paper work and all the signatures are taken on a electronic keypad without giving a chance for the candidate to read anything.

Employee time changes are done constantly to keep the track of the time and labour budgets. VPs run a very tight watch on each of their specific locations since their bonus depends on each catogory in sales dept.

I was so fedup with this socialist behaviour that i started collecting every employee story, kept a track of their time sheet and i was even able to copy email transcripts and chat conversation between management aplauding each other and pressuring each other to keep on doing so.

At another instance a manager while conversing with another, called his jr sales staff " idiots " on following orders and working off clock to break commission.

This company and more like them should have external audits by the state, The state should send their people to interview staff in all 3 depts, that is sales, fitness and operations, to find out about all the autrocities that this company is doing against its employees.

I thank God everyday that i dont work their any more and that i was able to get my life back. After working 60 sometimes 65 hours a week, now i realize that life and tine has a lot more to offer than just working for LA Fitness.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

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And so did you turn them in to the state attorney general, for labor practices?